Buckeye Media Gateway App Reviews

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Please update the app to work.

Won’t work

It doesn’t work with IOS11. Apparently Buckeye don’t care about its customers to get the app updated.

iOS 11

Doesn’t work with iOS 11. Waiting for Buckeye Broadband to update this app and also the voicemail app - the voicemail app doesn’t work with iOS 11 either.

IOS 11

Update your stupid lame app

Great app that needs updating

I loved the app when it worked, but with iOS 11, it will not work. I know that buckeye is really pushing for TiVo, but I happen to like my BMG. So, if the developers could just update this app to work with iOS 11, then I would give my review a 5 Star

iOS 11

Come on. Update this app to work with the latest IOS already

Update Now

Needs updating ASAP!!!!

Does not work with iOS11

Buckeye Broadband and ARRIS are 2 large corporations with millions of dollars and thousands of customers. Neither of which saw iOS11 coming? Neither of which prepared for an app update in advance? Neither of which takes responsibility for their now non-working app?? Dish Network is looking better and better now compared to your lack of customer service!


Download the TVGuide app and select Buckeye as your provider. Much more user friendly.

Update please

The app needs updated to allow support for iOS 11. Your competitors in Toledo offer apps that are kept up to date and function. Please update.

App Won't Work Very Soon

I love this app despite all the negative comments here! It's so much easier to set up recordings than the onscreen ways of doing the same thing. Sadly, this is still a 32-bit app which Apple will delete from the App Store and will no longer work unless it's updated to 64-bit app!! COME ON!! Would someone please update this app and preserve my sanity??

Update Needed!

When are you going to update this?! I can't even gat in any longer!!!


Awesome. Works as a remote from any tv in the house. Easier to use and see what's on than using the actual remote and I can set recordings and what not from wherever I am. I love this lol

Won't let me log in

I've downloaded the app and it won't allow me to log in. I even changed my password and can log into the website. Grrrrrr.

Doesn't work on iPhone 6s / iOS 9.0.2

Please fix

Great App!

Works great on iPad

Great app

Totally love this app! Once I was able to login worked instantly. I love that I can use my iPad to control pretty much everything. One thing that would make this cooler is to be able to control the volume.

Great App!

Awesome App - Great on the iPad! 2 things that would've bumped to 5 stars: 1) iPhone App 2) Need a "last" button to return to the previous channel.

Sub-par functionality

Buckeye may want to learn from DISH Anywhere app; please get the WATCH TV function to work. Oh wait, this may use more bandwidth; maybe this would partly justify the constant rate increases including the most recent $7/month jump. Get it fixed!


Need it for iPhone!!!!!

Buckeye Gateway

Awesome App!!

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